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  • Member: neo eva
  • Title: meow! meow! mix
  • Premiered: 2001-11-03
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    • Commercial Audio meow mix
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  • Comments: I was looking for the goldfish jingle to do another EVA video (of course)when I found the audio to the old Meow Mix commercial. I listened to it and then it struck me: Ryo-Ohki meow mix. Genius! Well it ended up being one hell of a pain in the @$$ to do just a 30 sec. video ever since downloading the new directX 8.0 because it screwed with my ability to capture with my editing program, so I had to use 3 different programs to capture and edit. It took way too long to make this video (damn directX, grrrr, damn curse -_-6). The video was worth it though, I suppose. BTW Yosho is the announcer in the video, the voice fits better for Yosho than for Tenchi (you might say I had no need for Tenchi! heh heh) (reader: groan...) (me: I know. That was a sorry pun. Pleeease forgive meee....)

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