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  • Member: leathelanime
  • Studio: Leathel Anime Studios
  • Title: Cowboy Blues
  • Premiered: 2001-10-05
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  • Song:
    • Gorillaz Tommorow Comes Today
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  • Comments: Well This video came up on some bullshit! actualy before i made the video i went to Best Buy.I went there to buy the gorillaz cd.Since i loved there first single "Clint Eastwood" I was like "this cd is gonna be off the hook!".But sadly it sucked out grandpa balls! so the next day i skimmed through the cd again.Just to find a song that was screaming "Cowboy Bebop!!!!!!!!!!!!!" and that song was Tommorow Comes Today its like a killer song with a blues type feel so thats how Cowboy blues is here now.

    Well the video is basically about spike and his past.It has sorta like a inner meaning saying that you cant leave your past behind so blindly like the one-eyed fellow did.So when it hits the end of the video it is saying basically i cant leave the Syndicate life behind judging from the evil grin from spike at the end.

    I used the usual to make this video Ulead to capture and movie maker to make enjoy!

    Heres how you get my video. First, you must go to Create you own account. Its free and you get 125 megs of web storage. Once the account is created, click on where it says other members. Type in the member name Washidme and click go. It will bring you to my account. Go to the public folder,download and then Unzip the file and play my vid. Enjoy.

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