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  • Member: AustinWang100
  • Studio: austin|WANG production
  • Title: Dance of the Spirits - Remastered
  • Premiered: 2004-03-07
  • Categories:
  • Song:
    • Hans Zimmer Gladiator Theme
  • Anime:
  • Comments: This is a much higher quality version of the original video, as many people have requested from me. I have improved the timing slightly as well. Here is the comment from the original video:

    Yuna is the central focus of this video. She is a very strong, yet fragile character and I tried to emphasize both of these characterisitcs using Hans Zimmer's magnificent centerpiece score from Gladiator. Those of you who are familiar with the song know that it is split into three sections, each with it's own distinct pacing and flavor. I tried to match different themes and stories from ffx with the 'feeling' that I felt during these different parts of the song, using Yuna as the main driving force behind the sequences. The video is mostly meant to be emotionally appealing more than anything else.

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