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  • Member: staces
  • Title: Words. . .
  • Premiered: 2004-03-06
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    • Jason Mraz You and I Both
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  • Comments: Well I'm not sure as to how many Read or Die vids there are out there, I know it's not the rarest but certainly not the most used either. Lately a bunch have been popping up at the new vids section like daisies over the septic tank. I've only ever actually watched two of them myself (the two from the yuri-con site). I hope that my vid isn't cliched at all. . . I've loved this song for the longest time and have wanted to do an AMV for it but couldn't figure the right anime. I had Gravitation in mind for a while but I realized when I was thinking about it the other day that Read or Die fits it really well! Like awesomely well! Like Michael Jackson's hand a a single white glove well! And it also served the need that's been itching me for a while, the need to make a yuri vid! So if you hadn't guessed by now this vid is a tribute to the feelings between Nancy and Yomiko.

    This vid mostly put itself together actually. It was hard digging out good footage (without subs on it) but I worked hard and only had one repeated shot in it. ^_^ Yay me.

    Please, if you download leave an opinion! ^_^ If you leave my an opinion for this, or any of my other vids, I'll download one of yours and leave you feedabck too! Thanks!

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