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  • Member: Altecha
  • Studio: Altecha Chan Studios
  • Title: Azumanga SEED mode
  • Premiered: 2004-03-01
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    • Parody Gundam SEED audio
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  • Comments: It was one sad morning in lecture, as I was trying to stay awake during History class. As my mind wanders, I started comparing scenes from different Animes. As a mecha fan, I started with Gundam SEED.

    After a while, Azumanga Daioh struck me, and my favorite cat (well mountain cat) came to mind... and a video was born.

    Soon after the lecture, I opened Adobe Premiere Pro, and much to my amazement, the Parody COULD work.

    As a result, three days later (three days of Premiere, VirtualDub, and Photoshop), I present to you the official firstborn video of Altecha Chan Studios.

    What I really didn't enjoy when making this video is the audio break down towards the end. You will notice certain points of static. I don't know how it turned out like that. Inside the video editor it plays fine.

    There was also a serious lack of footage from Azumanga (considering Yamamaya's scene only had about half a minute worth of workable footage), and X-Vid didn't compress the file as well as I hope it would. But hey, 30 megs of okay-quality is better than 130 megs of super quality.

    Props also to the people who drew the Mobile Student Osaka pictures. The ending shot of this video puts me in their debt for their ingenuity, uniqueness, and ultimate longing to have whatever substance they took that inspired them to draw it.

    Final Comments:
    In the end, I had to remove the "meowing" soundbytes from the end. For some strange reason, it would clog up and static is the end result. So... I had to delete that audio track. I uploaded the non-meow version, and I hope it is still as enjoyable.

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