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  • Member: Maverick-Rubik
  • Title: PRPN
  • Premiered: 2004-02-28
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    • Universal Studios Peter Pan Trailer
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  • Comments: The Inspiration

    Some 2 months or less ago I got this idea for using in DJ_Izumi's trailer contest... basically, all I thought about was linking the "growing up" elements that were present throughout both films.

    While most of it is sound action/syncing (what trailer isn't?), I tried to slam this in in the beginning hoping that people will understand the link between the two. Plus, since it was trailer audio, I really didn't have a choice what went where.

    I've started this video over about 3 times, and gave up completely for a while. Then on last Tuesday I heard the piano song that played near the beginning of this trailer on the radio, and by then I had already decided I wouldn't be working on the video anymore. And after putting nearly several projects on hold for half a year, I decided it was time to finally release another video that would be massively better than my last 3. I worked on this video nearly all day every day since tuesday, and pulled an all nighter on friday (as the contest had dragged on long enough). I then wrapped the whole video up this morning 'til tonight (saturday).

    The Alias

    The title took me a while to come up with, as I couldn't think of something catchy enough that would fit. And I finally came up with "PrPn" (a la FlCl). But since it looked too much like "Pr0n", I changed it to capital letters only. Thus PRPN. :)

    Programs Used

    Adobe Premiere Pro
    VirtualDub v1.5.4
    Jasc Software Paint Shop Pro 5 BETA executable

    Special Thanks


    Blue mountain image courteousy by NausicaaFan84.

    And if anyone is interested, here are the character links:

    remember these aren't used literally, but to just show constance throughout the video.

    Young boy - Naota
    Wendy - Mamimi
    Peter - Haruhara Haruko
    Parent - Kamon
    Captain Hook - Amarao
    Hoodlum Tribal - Kitsurabaki
    Pirate Thug - Canti


    UPDATE: XviD reuploaded and fixed. All problems before should be remedied. :)

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