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  • Member: Oli.C
  • Studio: Oli.C Productions
  • Title: The Call of Evangelion
  • Premiered: 2004-02-26
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    • Metallica The Call of Ktulu (S&M)
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  • Comments: * First of all this video has been re-encoded and has been uploaded in the place of the first upload. This means that any downloads before 11/03/04 will be of the first encoded video (and hence the poorest). After getting some advice from Dark Peace I learn some things about encoding and I decided to re-encode my video, which capture wise was quite poor. Hopefully this one will not disappoint and after checking it I was more satisfied with this version. From 720 x 480 to 360 x 240 resolution made a huge difference white flashes (no more horizontal lines!), a more compatible bite rate and new codec got rid of the horrible blocky squares from the original download! Also even though the resolution has decreased, I notice more of the visuals are clearer with only minor annoyances in dissolves and colour contrast... But still I think this one is better! *

    About the video? The idea came to me not long after the completion of Relentless Struggle. I really enjoyed putting together an orchestrated song, which had the length and pace to make an epic video. Continuing to strive for the goal of making a truly epic video I decided to explore S&M The Call of Ktulu. I love the original version of this song although sadly it didn't have the 'umff' I was after. Instead I felt the S&M version was a lot more powerful and 'progressively kickass'.

    Why did I choose to use EOE? Well after watching EOE for the 6th time I realised that the story and the song could have a future. So I decided to do a few experiments and I was very excited... And so everything pretty much all went on from that point. The hardest part about making this video was knowing where each section of the story should go with each part of the song e.g. 03:36, 04:17 and 05:15 < All these points were crucial bits in the song that required perfect representation, which I think I did a good job at sorting out. Another difficulty was creating an ending that would attempt to tie elements of the story up. I decided to go for the blur off descent into madness method, which would then open to the final minute of the movie. Of course this meant cutting out some rather powerful and disturbing scenes, but on the other hand I think this way worked best with this video.

    I hope you enjoy the video!

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