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  • Member: staces
  • Title: Can't Go Back
  • Premiered: 2004-02-25
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    • Plummet Damaged (808 Remix)
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  • Comments: Well after falling in love with the song Damaged after downloading Koopiskeva's EXCELLENT Damaged Rei-mix (sadly, the joke in the title only dawned on me yesterday, three months LATER) I got the notion in my head to make a vid to it. Sadly mine does not compare in even the slightest to his masterpiece but I really really tried to tell the story of other characters in other ways just to the same music. The same music piece is about all that they have in common.

    At first I wanted to make this a Yuki profile only, but then though I had too little footage without sticking in random YxS moments and that is NOT what this vid is about so I decided to make it a crossover between Gravitation and Yami no Matsuei, and throw in Tsuzuki's messed up-ness as well. Somehow I came to the conclusion while watching Glühen for the billionth time that the scene between Ken and Aya in the airport really fit some of the lyrics so Ken is a damaged bishounen now too. It kinda fits him too because he like went berserk in the Dramatic Precious albums. Heh heh. ^_^;;

    Anyway this is my first time using more than one anime in a vid. Honestly I really can't tell you whether I like this or not because I really don't know. I got frustrated as hell trying to make this vid in my Roxio program but after days and many attempts with lots of crap I resorted to WMM. This vid doesn't have any cool effects but I tried to covey their messages. Oddly enough there is an incredibly small shounen-ai ammount for such a slashy video. I really tried not to use pointless clips or some of those cliched ones that even if they fit a lyric people don't want to use them anymore (know what I mean?)

    Well enough rambling. I'm just really insecure about this vid, not because it's bad persay (really it's not) it's just that for one it has a beautiful predecessor as far as the audio goes even though the song has barely ever been used at all. And secondly this vid seems different to me than a lot of my other vids (not better or worse) and I really can't figure out why. Maybe I'm just weirded out at seeing more than one anime in the same vid. '_'

    Well please download and leave an opinion. I'd REALLY appreciate it when it comes to this vid.

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