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  • Member: SushiBoyJared
  • Studio: Sushi Home Video
  • Title: Shock Me!
  • Premiered: not yet
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    • Ramones (Gimme Gimme) Shock Treatment
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  • Comments: Who can forget the immortal lines from this video...

    "Mgghfhfhh... gimmhh gimmhh shmmm trhmmnttt...!"


    "Thyhh said thyh hahh hh hreat tihmm at the plahh!"

    Ok, so the Ramones are hard to understand when they sing... this was a slight oversight, and probably why this video was lost on so many people...

    dont you get it? Shock Treatment? Lum?

    Well, anyway, This is all footage from Beautiful Dreamer (by far the most popular volume of Urusei Yatsura). The oddity of it, is that it features none other than... (dun dun DUNNNN)... PON POKO!! (??!?) (yes, pon poko). Has anyone else noticed that there are tons of tanuki (or as my brother calls them "Nutty The Racoon") all over this movie?

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