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  • Member: Ange Tifa
  • Title: Final Fantasy : Here With Me
  • Premiered: 2001-09-29
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    • Dido Here With Me
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  • Comments: This is probably the fourth music video I ever made, but the first I will put on this site. I used a simple program, Windows Movie Maker, and it features Final Fantasies 5-9. It took me a whole day to create, because I was so into it that I did work on it non-stop ^^;
    It took me a long time however to download all the video and clips for
    it x.x. It's dedicated to all the Final Fantasy couples (5-9) that would include, Final Fantasy V's Bartz x Reina, Final Fantasy IV's Locke x Celes, Final Fantasy VII's Cloud x Tifa, Final Fantasy VIII's Squall x Rinoa, and Final Fantasy IX's Zidane x Garnet. Even though
    it's dedicated to all those couples I heavily dedicate it to Cloud x Tifa, who inspired me to first make this movie. And many other movies I have made. They are my favorite couple of all time, and it's been that way for 5 years and still going ^_^ Oh yeah and I stuck some other characters in there because it just went ^__^ but 97% of the video is on the couples ^^ I'm not a big Squall x Rinoa fan nor am I a big Zidane x Garnet fan, but they are couples, and I wanted to make this video have a strong impact.

    *Note* This is it's third remake, lol, I have a lot more Locke/Celes footage now, and some new scenes.

    Anyway I used Dido's 'Here with me' as the song to this video. If you
    don't know the song, it's from Roswell in the beginning title (I don't
    watch that show at at all, but love the song!). I really appreciate anyone who has a comment about this video to write one up. Thank you, and enjoy! It's pretty good quality. It's not perfect, but I tried very hard and this video means a lot to me x.x'

    -A n g e l~T i f a-

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