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  • Member: staces
  • Title: Kawrou and Shinji forEVA
  • Premiered: 2004-02-15
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    • Gravitation Shuichi's Theme
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  • Comments: That title is the worst joke I have made in a loooong time.

    Anyway this is a little (and I DO mean little, because it's only 1 minute and something seconds long. That is why it's such a small file size, not because the capture is total crap) tribute to Shinji and Kaworu of Evangelion (eeeeeeeeeeeeeek! I've jumped of the most unoriginal bandwagon of all! The notorious Eva AMV! *runs and hides*). Seriously though I did try to make this vid unique. I've only seen like 4 vids with Kaworu in them for more than a few clips so I figured it's not too big of a sin. It's not Asuka to LP at least ^_^. Also the first 30 seconds are still frames. More than half of them are official images but a few are fanart. I found the fanart on a site that was not in English, so if I've used your artwork I apologize and please let me know so that I can give you credit.

    As far as the music goes it's good quality. It's an instrumental piece from the Graviation OAV. The actually capture from the show is excellent (for me) and I'd rate it a 8 or 9 (I'm usually generous so you'd probably say 8) but some of the stills got pretty pixelated. I did my best to make them look good but sadly they're probably only about a 7.

    Also this vid, once you watch it, may look like it didn't take much effort but it did. I had to edit and resize all the pics. Many had writing all over them or funky backgrounds so those were edited out and stuff. And THEN halfway through the vid my computer decided to regurgitate anything .AVI so I had to find an AVI to MPEG converter just to have footage to work with! *sobs*. . . . So, to get to the jist of things- I did work on this. Simple though it may be.

    Also the audio clips at the beginning and ending are from the dub (because I can't make subs in my program and I figured it'd be silly just to stuff some random Japanese in there). The sound clips were taken from the wonderful Kaworu shrine, The Final Seashore. You should check it out, it's awesome! ^_^ Thanks.

    So please download and enjoy. If you choose to download this just so you can flame me because you don't like the idea of YAOI in Evangelion, then PLEASE don't waste your time or mine. I'm not some scary person opposed to all straightness, I like Misato and Kaji and Rei with Gendo (yes, I AM weird) but personally I think that Shinji is just too passive to be the man in any relationship. . . If you have legitimate criticism of my vid then that is welcome. ^_^ Please download and review. ^_^

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