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  • Member: ladydx
  • Studio: Existentialism
  • Title: Vash, Gunsmoke Ranger
  • Premiered: 2004-02-09
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  • Song:
    • Chuck Norris Theme from Walker, Texas Ranger
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  • Comments: First off..this video has taken me the shortest amount of time I've ever spent on a video. Less than one night to edit it..then I encoded it the next day..and here you go.
    When I heard the theme song to this show..I immediatly started seeing clips that could be used..unfortunatly due to the shortness of the song..I didn't get to use all the clips I'd like to have (can we say overkill?)

    Secondly..this is going to more than likely be a video which you either love..or you hate. No inbetweens. Fans of the show I'm sure will like it..those who don't however..well..

    *taken from AIM convo with Devolution after showing him the beta*
    "I don't know which was scarier..the fact that it's Walker, Texas Ranger..or the fact that it's Chuck Norris singing the song.."

    And yes..Chuck Norris did sing the song...I've gotten many a Oo look over this..

    I'm listing this a parody, since it's not a char profile for sure....comedy? While it has a laugh factor, I consider it more fun that anything..and a parody since I'm obviously poking fun at the show =p

    So..there you have at your own risk =p

    Oh..and I forgot to add in the bumper..the intro music used it the begining of the song "Ghost Riders In the Sky" by The Outlaws..just FYI..

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