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  • Member: Voices_Of_Ryan
  • Studio: Destination Skyline Studios
  • Title: "Tears Of A Goddess"
  • Premiered: 2004-02-08
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    • Paul Oakenfold Game Master
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  • Comments: Date Started: December 28th
    Date Finished: Febuary 8th

    When I originaly started this I wanted something to simply take my mind off my worries and just to play around with, I don't think I ever actually intended on releasing it in the long run.

    So as I started other projects this one got kinda pushed aside till about january 10th,
    When I re-opened the adobe file just for curiousity and started looking into what I had so far.

    Without going into paticular's (cause if you're reading this, you must be tired, drunk, or bored) The effects are something I wanted to do from the start, Though myself not being very good at adobe yet, I learned a few nifty things that certainly helped along the way, and I hope you notice them.

    The lyrics themselfs just seemed to fit the premise of what the video is.
    The beats felt odd in some places, while being pretty nice in other's,
    To tell the truth, I wasn't quite sure how I was gonna pull the beats off once I started the secound time.

    A few things before you watch the video.

    1. Please if you have a good enough computer, watch the Xvid, it's worth it even though it's slightly bigger than the mpeg.

    2. Please watch (Xvid hopefully) the video in Full Screen atleast once, you don't really get the feeling unless it is in full screen mode.

    3. Turn up the volume. This has been my biggest complaint so far so I'd like to state that,
    Somtimes I hit beats that can't be heard on a small speaker that's super low in volume, so if your parents are sleeping, don't watch the video =P (note: Head set's also work).

    So here's how it goes.

    Xvid - Full Screen - Loud Music.

    Waalaa! instant puddi... err fun.

    Anyway, I shouldn't go on anymore I'd just like ya'll to know I had some great times while I was making this video.

    Here's to everyone who helped me,

    Destination Skyline:
    Lee (Snhknives) Thank's for the help with beta testing (maybe not on this video, but it still helped)
    Zach (Shivan) You helped more than anyone but eric =
    Eric (Corran) Heh, you REALLY helped, with everything from gimp, to the kitchen sink, thank you
    Zwei You talked, I was lonely, it helps ^_^;;

    And everyone else who helped, I appericiate it more than I could express here,

    And last but not least,
    Everyone who watchs it.

    Thank you.
    "Voices of" Ryan

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