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  • Member: Warheart
  • Title: Shades of Green
  • Premiered: 2004-02-03
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  • Songs:
    • Finntroll Suohegen sija
    • Finntroll Svart Djup
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  • Comments: Actually I was not quite sure to publish this AMV because in my opinion it does not totally fullfill the conditions of the movie. I wanted to get more experience before to work with a Miyazaki. The stay in the cinema was really great, I was nearly the only one watching it… and I have to say that the movie created a lasting impression in my head, altough I have to say that “Laputa” is still a bit better in some points. But things worked out adifferent because several people in the net an all of my friends told my that my work was just great and advised me to publish it (I would be very thankfull if you would tell me if they were right). First I just wanted to make some experiments but at the end my works turned out to become a whole vid. For the soundtrack I used two very calm tracks both from the finnish band “Finntroll” (which usually play their famous “Trollish Black Metal” style).

    Unfortunatlely I can´t speak much finnish (and I know my english is also not the best) so I do not know if the text fits to the movie. If someone can speak finnish…please tell me what the text is about.
    Never the less the song (Svart Djup) has got a special atmosphere by which you can´t see yourself untouched.

    Svart Djup Lyrics (by Katla & Wilska)

    I vinden viskar dödens stämma
    Onda stjärnor pa himmnlen stirra
    Bland furor eka ett insande skrik
    Urskogens klor i nattling sky
    Ur rymdens svarta djup
    Ur rymdens svarta djup

    Femm fot svart stal han i sina nävar klämmer
    En svart skugga fran jordens djupaste hal
    Langaöron och knivskarpa horn
    Under brynen glöda tva illröda kol....

    Nu lyfts svärdet mot himmelens rand
    Syndastalet nu frysa luft till is
    Nu livlösa var man, var kvinna
    Domen falla och tystnad härska
    O rymdens svarta djup
    O rymdens svarta djup

    --- Update ---

    Finally someone mailed me the translation of the songlyrics (*Hails to Chris*). So if someone would like to know what Katla and Wilska wrote ... here it is in english.

    In the wind the voice of death whispers
    Evil stars on the sky stare
    Among pines echo an icing scream
    The claws of the primeval forest in nocturnal sky
    From the black depth of space
    From the black depth of space

    Five feet black steel he squeezes in his hand
    A black shadow from earth’s deepest hole
    Long ears and knife-sharp horns
    Beneath his brows two red coals ember...

    Now the sword rises to the edge of the sky
    Reign of sin now freezes air to ice
    Now lifeless remain every man, every woman
    The verdict falls and silence reigns
    Oh, black depth of space
    Oh, black depth of space

    Well it does not really fit to the anime itself when it comes to the lyrics, but the sound itself fits very well. So enjoy my video ^^

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