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  • Member: Kai Stromler
  • Studio: Shin Hatsubai/Kuroi Kenshi
  • Title: Ryoma-sama e love Ian
  • Premiered: 2004-01-31
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  • Song:
    • Richard Marx Right Here Waiting
  • Anime:
  • Comments: This video (the long-rumored SH085) was done as a prank on the president of Animania, Ian F--, late in 2003. Ian is obssessed with PoT, which we were running at the time, and Kalium wanted to show one of Arigatomyna's PoT yaoi videos as a joke on him at Con Ja Nai that year. I was not down with that, as it involved making mods to an unrelated creator's work for public exhibition, and some others spoke up and said that the video blew, and there was a bit of a flap with the room situation that made us push it off, allowing Kalium and I to do this resulting dueling-banjos thing: same song, same source, different editors, experience levels, and mindsets. We actually premiered these at the start of the second block of the showing on 31 January, to thunderous laughter.

    Developing the actual format for this prank, however, made a troubled history. First I remixed the track and was going to do up a video, then I decided to just hand the stuffs off to Kalium to take care of, and then I actually finished video #84 and decided I might as well try to throw down my half, so here it is. It's not my fault if this video does anything untoward, like making you go "GAAAAAY!!" or reviving Richard Marx's now-nonexistent career.

    Remixing Richard Marx's track proceeded in 3 stages:
    1) First, I edited out the useless parts at the start and end, then dropped the pitch a couple semitones (I think 4) in Nero Wave, because Marx has a rather high, whiny voice in the first place, and I wanted the lyrics to be coherent once the song had been sped up.
    2) Next it was off to good old MS Soundrecorder to double the playback rate, something I have found other tools utterly incapable of doing without extreme recompression.
    3) Finally, beats and a new bassline were added to the original (mainly vocal and piano) track in Acid. This required probably the most attention to detail of any stage, except possibly the initial song editing, to make sure I cut in the right places.

    The premise is simple: Ian (represented by Tezuka, another tall guy with glasses) is obsessed with Ryoma (played by himself), and will go to any length to achieve gay boy butt sechs with his idol. Which he eventually does. Cuts with subs on them were either resubbed for video purposes (there's no explicit yaoi content in PoT, geniuses) or intentionally included from source for comic effect. There was a cut of Tezuka saying "do it with me" with Ryoma over his shoulder in the source pool, but this was found to be too short for people to actually get, and there wasn't anywhere I could really fit it in.

    Shin Hats Self-Grade: B. GA-AY. **GAAAAAAA-AAAAAAAY**......
    Stats: #clips: 106. avg length: 1.16 sec. total time: 15.5 hours.

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