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  • Member: Kalean
  • Studio: Twilight Dawn
  • Title: TekkaGear
  • Premiered: 2003-08-23
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    • Metal Gear Solid Soundtrack Metal Gear Solid Theme
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  • Comments: A few years back I created a series of videos using the anime Tekkaman Blade 2. They were all more or less horrible, but this is missing the point. Years later, now that is online, and I can actually edit WORTH something, I decided to recreate one of the more successful TB2 videos I made, and since hosts now (yay!) I decided I'd upload it.

    Basically, this is generally Tekkaman Blade episode 4 set to the metal gear solid theme. Somehow, despite only using a single episode, it comes out as an almost complete story (even though it's only about half of the episode) and very nicely, I think. This IS in RM format, but before you all complain, it was ripped from my DVD and is encoded at a smooth and crystal clear 30 fps 320 x 240. While a lot of people might just complain about the resolution, you guys can try running a 640 x 480 Real Media 9 file on anything below a 2 ghz machine, and see how you like it. I'll give you a hint, it won't work. Anyways, again the video quality on this is probably the best of RM most people will ever see, so don't chicken out on me because of the format.

    As always opinions are HIGHLY valued. Especially if they're constructive. There are a couple of JUUUUST off timings in this video, so if/when you spot them, feel free to use them as a starting point. Don't be strangers now.

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