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  • Member: Hax
  • Studio: Screaming Banshee Studios (SBs)
  • Title: The Fight Must Go On
  • Premiered: 2004-02-01
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    • Queen The Show Must Go On
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  • Comments: Warning: Violence.

    This is my first AMV. This video was a b!tch to make. I was all, "hey, I've seen a bajillion of these things, got a good computer, why the hell not?" Why you ask? Becasue of problem after problem. Poor video footage (black lines that seem to be burns or splice marks appear at the bottom of every scene transition - I had to edit those out. What's pathetic is they're on the legitimate Berserk DVDs), a video editor incapable of temporal filtering resutling in fade-ins/outs done via bitmap sequences, and havign to fully render the video jsut about every time I had to make an edit.

    Luckily, I'm a determined bastard. While it lacks fancy effects, this video has a sound concept and is well executed. Being a musician, both the music and lyrics snyc up nicely throughout. I'm also rather proud of my intro to the vid. I follow the storyline fairly accurately; also, no nude scenes were used in the production of the vid (well, Casca for one split second at the end, but you can barely tell and there's no detail). I hope you enjoy this a hell of a lot more than I did making it. I'd appreciate detailed feedback so I can be better. If you download it, please leave a comment. Notes follow.


    - All custom made fade ins/outs (except two) were doen painstakingly by saving the image sequence as bitmaps, opening them in GIMP, putting them all as layers into one image, take the next scene and slowly change the transparencies to make the blend. Exceptions are noted below.

    0:00 - 0:13 - This was done entirely with bitmaps. This was a bitch to make

    0:19 - 0:33 - I hate these two transitions. I don't feel like starting from scratch to fix them. Oh well.

    0:29 - 0:30 - Lightning flashes in sync with lyrics = sweetness.

    0:40 - 0:45 - A bit of a pun on the lyrics, but works out nicely.

    1:00 - 1:12 - Sped up to match the new intensity of the music

    1:17 - 1:18 - My original idea was to have griffith actually smiling, but there wasnt' a good scene I could throw in.

    1:25 - More bitmap goodness -_-

    1:25 - 1:27 - Hits match the lyric syllables

    1:33 - 1:45 - I almost threw in the scene of Guts slapping Caska's ass, but showed some restraint. Also, to speed up the scene, I deleted all the frames of their mouths moving. This, in my opinon, looks better then them flapping to no dialogue, esp. when sped up.

    1:44 - 1:45 - Even more bitmap goodness

    2:06 - Caska's grumpy when she wakes up, and I couldn't resist putting that in ^_^

    2:08 - 2:20 - Was gonna speed this up, but it looked better at normal speed, especially Guts's hang time

    2:28 - 2:31 - This was planned from the beginning. There couldn't be a more perfect scene

    2:46 - 2:47 - NOT bitmap goodness! My friend Richard (AKA British Wannabe) did this one for me. I got lazy.

    2:47 - 2:48 - Back to bitmaps for the fade in -_-

    2:53 - 2:56 - Aside from these scenes, everything from 1:48 to the fade to white didn't change from my outline. It's also one of the few places I use scenes out of their original order. Ah yes. 5 frames of bitma- ah screw it. You don't care I had to slave away in an image editor to make these damn transitions.

    3:19 - Yes, that shoulder pad miraculously grew out of his arm. No I didn't do it

    4:00 - 4:03 - Instead of resorting to bitmaps, I used the brightness filter in VirtualDub to do this fade in - it just required making 5 2 frame files and splicing them back together. Also of note, the rest of the sequence is darker than the actual original footage, the only time I do something like this

    4:07 - 4:10 - Animation reversed. Also a first. Guess how -_-

    4:15 - end - Gotta love Berserk's outtakes.

    ATTN Admins: This video has been approved to be up here by Phade, and just meets the .org standards.

    Please leave feedback, I'd love to hear it

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