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  • Member: Bakadeshi
  • Studio: AUN Music Videos
  • Title: When I'm with you
  • Premiered: 2004-01-27
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    • Jessica Simpson With You
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    ** Update**

    New version of this video out With problems outlined below fixed. Download it from my website, NOT the "local" link. the one on AMV's servers is still the old one. Ofcourse you can download it for comparitive purposes if you so wish.....
    I wasn't planning to do more with this video, but it bothered me the more I watched it to leave it that way, so I went back and fixed it. I also added some link syncing mostly just to try out how its done. select scenes are synced to the song as if Akane is singing it. Check it out, again from the "InDirect" Link, not the "Local" download. Thanks.

    ** End Update**

    This music video "When I'm with you" centers around Akane's relationship with Ranma and how she feels when she is with him... even though she'd never admit it. It tells the story from her point of view., as she thinks about her feelings and all the problems that come between them (ahem, shampoo...ukyo... etc)

    My original Idea was to do this to Inuyasha, but I find there is alot less videos to Ranma than they are to Inu yasha, and since i already had the footage on DVD for Ranma, I decided on that. I also thought the song realy fit Akane in particular more so than Kagome. It was a bit of a challenge to find good footage for this song though since they rarely show much feelings towards each other in the series.

    This is my second Video, I tried a few new techniques, There are some quirks in it that I am aware of, but did not feel like redoing the whole sequence to fix it.... such as the part where everyone fades out, is a bit jittery because i cut to many frames when I was editing them out in Photoshop. I also want to start my next major project soon. I may go back and fix the quirks at a later date depending on how popular the video is. Please critique honestly so I know where I can improve ^^
    (That means opinions please!~~ ^^)

    I hope you enjoy ~

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