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  • Members: dji, FenirWolf
  • Studio: Red Apple Productions
  • Title: In Karou's Place
  • Premiered: 2004-01-24
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    • Coldplay In My Place
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  • Comments: Well... what is there to say about this video..

    Well first off.. it's a video I did with a friend of mine who asked me to help him learn how to make AMVs. Simply, this was the challenge.. one day (while driving).. I asked Paul to listen to this song.. and to pay attention to the gaps between the lyrics. I wanted to pay attention to those gaps and have think about how he might visually account for them in a video.

    To start, he wanted to identify an anime.. and he came up with Ai Yori Aoishi.. (which I never heard of) ..and as he refers to it as "Reverse Love Hina". When we finally sat down to discuss the video.. we talked about some concepts.. he gave me some ideas about the anime, and the first idea I pitched to him was about pictures.. jumping in and out of their memories and flashbacks.. and that seem to stick.. and what drove the video into existence.

    My personal editing-effort-challenge for this video.. was to specifically focus on the gaps between the lyrics.. keeping things this in motion without losing the same type of pacing and interest you would have during the song when the lyrics are being sung..

    Paul captured all the footage and laid down a script to the video under my guidence. I had asked Paul to layout a visual description (of something in the anime) for each lyric line. About 3 or 4 lines per lyric block. As it turned out I ended up taking one line of the 3 or 4, and tossed the rest.

    I picked the song for this video, and did all the editing and special effects. It may not seem like a lot.. of effects went into the video.. but I would say at the least 85% if not 90% plus is fabricated. The most noticable of the effects if you know the anime series.. is the moving pictures on the table.

    I did a lot of compositing, and re-animating.. using a single frame still and moving and zooming things about with After Effects. I did plenty of color correction and adustment play with the still frames I grabbed from the anime.

    The tools I used to create this video are the following:
    - Adobe Photoshop 7.0
    - Adobe Premiere 6.0
    - Adobe After Effects 5.5
    I know I'm an Adobe-phile.. *shrugs* sorry.. *shrugs again*

    Alright so the bottom line.. I picked the Coldplay song "In My Place" becuase I felt it was a good song, but for me it seemed lacked something.. at the time I thought it might be a tinsy difficult to make those lyric-gaps count for something in an AMV...that's why I thought it would make a good challenge for Paul.

    As we started, I saw that this was too much for Paul to handled on his own, and before we really even got into it, he had a hard time getting this started. So we changed the process, to showing him how I made a video. Paul got to see all the problems and issues that make [sarcasm] making videos so fun and dreamy! [/sarcasm] =)

    This video was a challenge to make, considering the much effort I went through to re-animating a lot of the footage to make the pacing and moments fit with timing. Thanks to After Affects.. =D

    On a side note, this video won Staff Pick at Ohayocon 4 (2004).

    [UPDATE] - 2004-01-26
    Sorry for the crappy MPEG-1, that's all I have to offer for web-downloads at he moment. Also for those who are interested in Paul's .org name.. it's Fenirwolf (a.k.a Spinning Neko Studios). Okay now to upload the crappy MPEG-1!!

    NOTE: One thing I wanted to comment on as I feel this is important.. technically this video was fisnished and premiered in the general AMV showing at AnimeUSA 2003 but was not in the contest. It's first official premiere was in the Ohayocon 4 (2004) contest this past weekend. After finishing this video, I had looked around on the .org for other Ai Yori Aoshi videos.. and I found one that used the same idea with turning and zooming into the picture (in the beginning) as I did.. I just want to make this 1000% + 10% clear, neither FenifWolf saw your video until weeks after finishing our video. If you feel your idea had been ripped off, you are sorely mistaken. I just wanted to make that clear. I hope you read this first before watching the video (which hasn't even finished uploading to the .org yet) anyhow. I'm done. Stop reading, and download the video! Feedback is welcome! Reviews are welcome! =) Thanks for reading this far.

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