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  • Member: Heero_Yuy84
  • Title: "...Eyebrows..."
  • Premiered: 2004-01-21
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    • Johnny Rivers Secret Agent Man
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  • Comments: Out of the vids I've pieced together so far, I'd say this one's definitely got the most memorable of the background stories.

    *getting ready to tell...those of you not interested, now would be a good time to just scroll to the bottom, read the final lines and download*

    This idea came to me after watching Mr. Pilkington's vid "Nabeshin's No Escape" ( ). The night after first watching this, the song stuck in my head, and, as a result. After finding a copy of the song, my mind, through a process even I can't explain/justify, made the connection between the song and the character of Amarao from FLCL. The idea was very tempting, but, given that the Nabeshin video was still fairly new, I'd decided to let it rest for a while, lest the vid wind up looking like it was ripping Pilk off.

    Anyways, fast forward a few days later, wound up mentioning the idea in the chat. Surprisingly Pilk not only liked the idea, he was willing to help cover source (in exchange for whatever Getter Robo stuff I had on-hand, but that's a story for another time.)

    So, here's the result of that vid which I sunk a good portion of my winter break on

    Once again, for those who didn't pay attention to the story, this is an Amarao tribute vid using the song 'Secret Agent Man' by Johnny Rivers...


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