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  • Member: neo eva
  • Title: All your NERV are belong to us
  • Premiered: 2001-06-01
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    • The Laziest Men On Mars Invasion Of The Gabber Robots
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  • Comments: Yup, its another one of those all your base AMVs. I kept listening to gabber robots and I started to envision Keele as Cats (cuz, you know, he already looks like a robot, he might as well sound like one) and since they actually DID take over NERV, I thought it might actually work. I took the original script from the opening of Zero Wing (the all your base game which started the whole thing) and subtitled it in during conversations. Dont ask me why, I don't know either. It would be so cool to share it, but I still don't have anyplace to upload it onto the internet. I'm cursed I tell you!-_-6.

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