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  • Member: You choose Sam,the rest
  • Studio: ^o^ Mog productions ^o^
  • Title: Shinji Ikari
  • Premiered: 2001-10-21
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    • Barenaked Ladies Brian Wilson
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  • Comments: I took the link off because this is a bad Eva vid. You are wasting your time and right now you have wasted 5 min of your life that you wont get back. ha ha ha buck buck buck

    Ok this is my second AMV with the help of NME but this time around I did all the editing so NME just sat back and relaxed while I did all the work because he didn't have the vision for it. Im not sure if Im trying to tell a story or express emotion with this vid. This AMV took about 2 months to finish because of school and not enough footage of NGE. I use the standard programs like Premiere and Virtualdub.

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