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  • Member: StarMasayume
  • Studio: StarInMyPocket Productions
  • Title: Location of Happiness
  • Premiered: 2004-01-08
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    • Celia Cruz & Melao De Cana Salsa Dance
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  • Comments: Hi! This is my first vid or experience with film editing, so yes, I am a bit nervous. I've been watching amvs for the past couple of months, but it's only been recently I felt that familiar urging/longing that I feel with my art, writing, and web-designing, so I smacked away all the sense that I have enough interests all ready, I got busy, cracked my brain a few times, and studied the guides. (Ah-if only I was that dedicated to studying schoolwork?)

    This was a big experiment vid for me. I first ripped my Kare Kano 3 DVD on a whim since I had it on handy and I needed some kind of clips to work with to figure out how the heck to do things. After awhile though, when I started getting used to the basics, I started seeing a real concept and even some good connections with the words (I first added an instrumental piece, but told myself it needed to be more upbeat so grabbed a salsa song). So, I decided to do more than fool around with it and try to make it a good amv.

    I've only seen a some amvs to the anime Kare Kano (His and Her Circumstances), but haven't come across one that focuses on the character Tsubasa in it. She's a really eccentric character and one of my favorite. She looks like a really adorable little girl, but can act pretty crazy and has a hell of a temper. I really wanted to focus on her story and who she is. I first thought that I couldn't make it any more than just salsa fun, but there's a lonely girl inside her, especially as she deals with her father wanting to remarry and meeting her step brother. I tried to capture all of it in this vid. She tends to push others away even when she wants happiness.

    I REALLY had to resist the temptation to add clips of some of my other favorite characters in the show, especially the main character Yukino's sisters, so I slipped in a clip at the very end with them waving good bye. ^___^ Oh, and despite the salsa song being used as a whim in the beginning, I believe it really fits it. Though whether I ever want to listen to salsa music again is up for debate... *sweatdrop & smiles* Both me AND my dad have had dreams of this song…

    I suppose it took me somewhere over 30 hrs (much more if you count how long it took me to figure out how to compress it with it still looking its best---Xvid was a lifesaver at the end ^__^). I had to barter time on my dad's computer since his is the only comp with a DVD rom and a large enough hard drive until I get my new computer (which is ordered—yay!). ^__^

    I hope you enjoy! Feedback and suggestions are much appreciated. =)


    PS: I didn't do any lip synching or used any effects besides fades in this video. Please put N/A for these two categories of you opinion. Thanks! ^_^

    I don't think the direct link is working--sorry! If it does, let me know.
    3.04 sec | 67.1 MB | Xvid/Divx codec | 480 x 320 resolution

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