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  • Member: Oli.C
  • Studio: Oli.C Productions
  • Title: Relentless Struggle
  • Premiered: 2004-01-07
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  • Songs:
    • Metallica One (S&M)
    • Rob D Clubbed To Death (Kurayamino Mix)
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  • Comments: This is my 5th completed video which I actually started quite a few months ago. My first attempt at this video was supposed to have the original Metallica - One song on it. Back then I had recently finished my worst video yet (apparently the Noir one)... So after that painful star avg. I decided to leave this video and take my time to think about the possibility of a new idea, a new song or something.

    About 6 weeks later I completed my 4th video Cosmic Era Renaissance, which became my first decent leap into the AMV world. I realised my improvement in making AMVs and decided to return to unfinished business...

    You probably already noticed that this is the S&M version of One... Why that version you ask? Mainly because when I listened to it, I felt a greater sense of the sort of emotions that i wanted to draw out from this AMV, in terms of the heartache, confusion, desperation and eventual chaos. I am not saying I prefer this version over the original, but i certainly think it works better with Gundam Seed!! ^_^

    The way this video builds up was supposed to link directly the build up of events from the series (although some scenes are not in story order). Everyone who has watched the whole series should recognise this and remember how powerful the last few episodes turned out to be (another reason why I think SEED rules over Wing).

    If you watched Cosmic Era Renaissance you may remember the quality was not impressive. This one is much better!!.... Why? Coz I finally fiqured out how to compress and save space properly!

    If you have no intention of seeing the series, then by all means proceed! ^_^

    let it be heard that you will be commiting a very grave sin if you do not turn up the volume!! Hope you enjoy!!

    Opinions are very welcome!! You may get one in return ;)

    Also, the quotes at the end come from a conversation between Kira (brown hair) and Cagalli (blonde hair). I think its quite interesting what Kira says because it certainly made more sense as the series progressed.

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