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  • Member: Khameleon808
  • Studio: WidowMaker Productions
  • Title: Undernara
  • Premiered: 2004-01-06
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  • Comments: Wow ,
    Where to start . Well the idea first came to me after watching it a long time ago at the theater.
    Back then i was wanting to use some fast ass song that would be forgotten about in 3 or 4 days if not less. so i got my hands on a dvd of this movie and with the help of the great guides and the experianced editors in the chat this vid got dragged through some dirt to get here so i really hope you enjoy it

    I wanted to go for a love/action vid , having never done a drama vid before if it comes off as kinda "noobish" its because im not used to story telling with my vids, just blowing shit up at a fast pace.

    The song , wow , the song took me about 4 days of looking around to finally accept , i must have went through about 1200 songs looking for the right beats , build ups and tone downs, although this vid is kinda long , i hope you sit through it all cause alot and i mean ALOT of love went into this video.

    Some might see this video and think that some scenes are just random , well let me set the record straight right now , extracting clips to huffyuv is no f**king picnic in fact it uses alot of space. so rest assure every clip was carefully picked to save size and cut down on the bullshit fat i have to trim off excessive clips.

    this vid is good even if yo havent seen the movie , if you like fast action with a lil bit of love thrown in the mix Undernara is the vid you need to check out .. as everyone knows OPINIONS ARE GOLD around here, both to the people browsing and the creators , if you find the time and look passed the trouble , please leave me an op, i would love to hear from all of you who view these vids for both good and bad criticism, and each person that leaves an op will get ops themselves

    CREDITS ( the people i owe a part of my soul to )

    AisuzuZwei - thanks for having teh patience to guide me through things that i was too ignorant to figure out on my own , Hadnt been for you help and space saving techniques i would be sitting here staring at an empty timeline

    SpikeAMV aka Superspike & Tsukin (Epileptic Seizure Studios) - Well gentlemen what can i say
    Your vids reminded me to get off my ass and get with the beat .BTS and L.a.m.n and Beat Session are some of my biggest influences to get my editing into a higher gear , so i say thank you.

    Burntoast211 - wow dude, your one of the main reasons this vid made it , if you hadnt messaged me when you did that whole project would have been out the window . thanks for reminding me that making the vid to the site despite the problems with it make the vid more worthwhile once its made it =P

    Dcd, Veld, SN , Nme, and especially MidVis for reminding me to get off my ass and get this video hosted before i went to sleep , um who else . oh yea chee, Terr , and of course Jamie , all the beta testers that were nice enough to watch what i had done at that time .heh. of course Phade for creating this badass site full of talented people. and of course

    This is my 2nd vid using premiere . I dont know how to do all the cool effects that you see on some of the top level amv makers but i hope to just slightly entertain you while you wait for an amv to download !!!
    HOPEFULLY THIS SHOWS THAT THE SIMPLEST CUTS , FADES AND FLASHES CAN MAKE A GOOD VIDEO TOO. ANYONE that needs help can reach me or read the fantastic guides at
    LOOK ME UP I WILL HELP on aol messenger you can reach me at Khameleon808


    FOR YOUR COPY , uploading this video was an accident. Misinformation that was later proven wrong was attempted to be rectified but the video remains.

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