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  • Member: Parodic Productions
  • Studio: Parodic Productions
  • Title: For You
  • Premiered: 2004-02-13
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    • Korn 4 U
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  • Comments: New Update: I get the point. This video sucks. Give me a break. I made it with school equipment years ago.

    Up-update: I can't remember either.

    Update: To the one person who gave a comment on this, after some long thought, it didn't work for me either.

    This video's finally up, so go ahead and download if you like. Hope you enjoy it. (For some of you, you may need to download the AVRn codec to be able to see the video)

    This was one tough cookie, and I'm glad it didn't crumble at all.

    I got this idea back at Otakon 2003; I wanted to make a serious music video for Excel Saga that shows Excel's deepest devotions to that rat bastard Ilpal...Il...well, you should know his name. Anyway, it shows her in the point at the end of episode 23 where the story actually turns dramatic for a change. I wanted to show how deep her convictions rested toward him and her whole life goal was to ensure his, and whilst she does so, she is constantly put down by his stubborn and selfish ways.

    Okay, first of all, I know Excel is pretty much of a ditz throughout the whole series. And I understand, to some people, she can be downright annoying. But that really doesn't mean anybody can mistreat her the way he does; just not right, "I tell you what." So, in a subconscious sort of way, this could be me saying that some of the most popular girls out there make the wrong choice and stick around the hunky guy who treats them badly, and I just feel bad for them and all. They, in the least, deserve better than that. It's just me saying, is all.

    In any case, this took me a week to complete altogether, using as much footage as I had of Excel Saga. I used the actual Japanese voices of the beginning to capture the image just right; that Larissa Wolcott just gets on my nerves!). I also found out during this project that my Vol.2 of the series is damaged, and thus I'm unable to watch the ninth episode without getting an error or stuttering. Fortunately, I didn't need any of that footage in this. Just would've been nice. In this one, I focused on making a bunch of dissolves from each image, in order to capture the emotion she must be feeling. I made sure the volume was right this time around to make up for my last video. In the end, it looks pretty heartwarming, and yet pretty creepy, being Korn's 4U song. I also wanted to make this video before anyone else decided to (too late, though).

    This is part of a separate branch from Parodic Productions, called Fantasy Inc. (no relation to Fantasy Productions, Fantasy Studios, Fantasy Movies, or Fantasy Art Inc.). This is sorta my alter ego portraying my sensitive view of life. On one side, I have a sad look at life, in amidst my mortal despair, and on the other, I have a friendlier side, believing there will someday be a rain of hope headed this way. I forget which side is which sometimes, as they both like to coordinate with each other on projects. So, at some points, you may find a dramatic scene of sencerity, and at others, hilarious loads of crap that I just threw in for amusement. It's all good.

    The video will hopefully premiere this February at Katsucon Ten. It'll be my first convention I've been to outside of Baltimore, so I'm really excited about it. I'll have a file up sometime afterwards. Hope you con goers will enjoy it!

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