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  • Member: Parodic Productions
  • Studio: Parodic Productions
  • Title: For Poop On
  • Premiered: 2004-02-13
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  • Song:
    • Triumph the Insult Comic Dog I Keed
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    Well, now that the video's finally up, I can move on to more important things. I can't believe how much trouble I have with getting these things to avi. Luckily that xvid helped out alot in the end. In any case, this was actually one of the greatest video I've made yet, I can probably guess. Don't let the title fool you or anything, it really is much better than you probably think. It's a great video ever to depict Ray Lewis.

    I tried to play it over at Katsucon, but I must have used a rough tape or they didn't have an s-vhs when playing it. Eh. Always Anime North, right? I'll use mini-dv for that one. Better quality anyway. Anyway, this Otakon I'll have one more video ready in time, hopefully it'll be picked up by the staff without the risk of being banned like last year. And I hope to get the revision of Because I Got High started sometime soon. Til then, enjoy!

    This is probably the most unbelievable video one can even imagine being entered. I can barely believe I put myself through making some pf this in only a matter of days. So what can I say about it?

    Well, after my last music video, I wanted to gear towards my studying (much good that crap did), as well as make this quick serious video with Excel Saga footage (it's just creepy even mentioning it). At the end of the year, I find the Katsucon dateline to be only a few days away, and I didn't want to feel as if I was a quitter, so I went ahead and started on my next video in the works, and I can't believe I pulled it off in only four days. Five, if you count the first day when all my primary footage got erased completely (thank you very much, teacher). I risked both grades for my history and chemistry, SO YOU'D DAMN WELL BETTER LIKE IT! I keed. I could care a less if you pissed on it, for all I care.

    What drove me to make this damn thing? I would like to answer that as if I knew why myself. I have no damn clue whatsoever. All I know is that I had footage of Ray Lewis that I badly wanted to use. In any case, I picked up a disc of Robert Smigel's crafty little canine, going against my vow that I'd never buy another comedian's cd crap ever again (after Adam Sandler's last spoof). Turned out, I was right, and that there was only one relatively good, maybe a little clean, song throughout that whole crap factory you'd call a cd. It's not a damn wonder why he only plays that song on tv, since it's the only one that's even good for anyone. Eh. Came with a dvd with the dell guy. Moving on...

    I went through some major editing with this one, deciding to make a joke with the remaining slurs that needed cleaning, going as far as replacing song footage with the drawn-up bar code from Burn Up Excess (the transvestite episode). There are some words that I'm a little worried about offending people, such as bitch, nuts (not really), bones in her mouth, and so on. Otherwise, I think I did a great job in the clean-up area of the song, and my idea for Ray Lewis is excellent! One thing that I reconsider most is the lip syncing, which I had no time to work with, due to my tight schedule. So I just threw them in here and there whilst crossing my fingers. I also added in a few technical twitches to it, including my well known framerate change. And there are some interesting captions hidden throughout it, including one in reference to my last video. And there are still some Clerk jokes thrown in as well.

    In any case, I hope to premiere this at Katsucon 2004 this year, if it hasn't been banned yet, of course. I missed the deadline for preregistration too, so this should be rather interesting for me. Still need to talk with friends about getting there, and which ones are willing enough to hook class Friday. I only have one, but I still have to talk with my employers about my worktime and all. I'll try to get a file out after the con, along with my serious video as well. Till then, here's hoping I didn't flunk all my classes last semester...much.

    Anyway, enjoy you're winter, And I'm also planning to make two new videos for Otakon this year, as well as make this website up with a little help from the people of Otaku Universe. And there's this little thing a friend and I might do for that manga project from Tokyopop. I have a story, I just need to learn how to draw.

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