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  • Member: Majin Steve87
  • Studio: The Pride Of Europe
  • Title: Push it Vegeta
  • Premiered: 2004-01-01
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  • Song:
    • Static-X Push It
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  • Comments: Hello again!

    Well what can I say about this vid??? It's my first real vid with adobe premiere 6!! So i put a lot of effort into it!
    The meaning af this vid is, that it is a Vegeta Tribute!! (Yeah I really like Vegeta the most!! :D )
    So I made this vid because I wanted to make a vid with the same program like my "idols"! So I used Adobe Premiere 6!! And it's the first time that a vid from me is in Real Media Format because I want that every user of this site with any connection can download this vid!!
    So any other reason??? Yes! I saw for a long time ago a Street Fighter Alpha vid with this song and I really liked it so I decided to make a vid with that song! But as I started with that vid (that was for 3 or 4 month with my old program) I soon noticed that the song was too difficult to time for me!! I canceled the project and did "What you got"!! Well after releasing my "Look At Boo Now" vid I noticed that I improved my skills and I started this project!!
    And now it's done!!
    ("Push it" by "Static-X)
    Please submit me your opinion!

    Have and fun enjoy
    Majin Steve87

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