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  • Member: tallgeese
  • Title: The Glory SE
  • Premiered: 2003-03-03
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    • Broadway The Glory
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  • Comments: NOWS THE TIME KATO! - Inspector Clueso (please forgive me for misspelling).

    Now for the brief overview of the video. My first DVD only encoded video. DONT LAUGH OUT LOUD! I know its not the greatest thats why its my "first".

    As you may have noticed there is a SE at the end of the tittle which stands for Special Edition. Yup thats right this is the second and final version of this video. (Maybe it will be redone once more with better quality.) I would say hands down one of my best works. I just like this one...

    Well thats all for a quickie description....detialed one is bellow the stars...!


    I had a really good friend of mine introduce this song to me and what can I say besides it has stuck with me ever since. At the time I was looking for an unusual yet original (for its time) style of a music video. Something to broadway music kinda fit that tittle.

    After watching Endless Waltz thousands of times...I one day listened to the song and bam every scene from the movie fit into the song. I liked it and planned it out from beginning to end.

    The fist one had been finished for a while but I was never satisfied with the quality of it. (VHS of cartoon network). So I got the Special Edition DVD and figured out how to rip dvd's and the rest is history.

    I dont need to explain how the song fits to the video. If you are a true Gundam Wing fan all the scenes pretty much talk for themselves.

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