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  • Member: pyro72
  • Studio: Midnight Espresso Studios
  • Title: Bittersweet
  • Premiered: 2001-09-09
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    • Coldplay Yellow
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  • Comments: **Note: This video is being rotated with our other videos on my website. It won't always be available there, so please keep checking if you don't see it. Thanks for your patience.

    If you downloaded this before October 5, 2001, I'd recommend redownloading it, since that was "beta" version. The version available now is the final version.

    Technical Stuff:
    Footage from Esca DVDs, used Adobe Premiere to create the video. Huffyuv codec, edited in 640x480, mpeg is in 320x240.

    Artistic Stuff:
    Escaflowne is my favorite series, and I simply love Van and Hitomi. While I was listening to the radio one day, this video just popped into my head. If you asked me what song most described their relationship, this song wouldn't be the first one that I named. But it does fit. They alternately hurt and help each other, just like real couples. I alternated scenes of that, showing how they care for each other a great deal but also hurt one another. Hence the title of this amv, Bittersweet.

    You might notice that some scenes have muted colors. I put a muted sepia filter on them. I didn't want the toning to be too strong, though. However, I wanted color in this video to also play a role, albeit a small one.

    Video contains minor spoilers, but none of them are in context so too much shouldn't be given away. However, since this is a tribute to Van and Hitomi's relationship, you won't understand/appreciate the video as much unless you've seen the series the whole way through. Van+Hitomi lovers should enjoy this video greatly. :)

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