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  • Member: DarkSchneider
  • Title: All that you can't leave behind
  • Premiered: 2003-12-28
  • Categories:
    • Drama
    • Serious
  • Song:
    • U2 Walk On
  • Anime:
  • Participation:
    • Anime Expo 2004, Anime Expo 2004 (2004-07-02)
    • Ani-Magic 2004 AMV Contest, Ani-Magic 2004 AMV Contest (2004-10-01)
    • NekoCon AMV Contest, NekoCon AMV Contest (2004-11-05)
  • Comments: This has got to be my best drama vid yet since "Take a Picture". Before I decided to do this vid, I didn't really have a set idea on a drama vid, then one day, I was listening to U2's All that you can't leave behind soundtrack, and Track 6 came on, which happened to be Walk on. When I heard it, the next few days, I had the song stuck in my head, I hummed it to work, and during my spare time too. Even when I sat down at the computer, thinkin of an AMV to make, the song was still stuck in my head. Finally, I decided to do it. Make an AMV to this song!
    It wasn't easy though, I knew that I couldn't exactly use one anime series to this. So I started watching every anime I had, on a notepad wrote down what scene, what episode and what series, and then jump on my computer to rip that scene. After that, I applied it to the video the best way that I could. I had to do this back and forth many times before I had finally had a version that I was happy with. And two days before the new year of 2004, I entered this vid on's video database.
    Honestly, if "Take a Picture" didn't have just one anime source and if I did know how to rip, it probably would be something like this. No randomness, better picture quality. But each video that I make is unique in it's own way. I'd also assume everyone would say the same thing about their videos. But this is a video I am proud of. It illustrates the humanity of characters, and it also potrays the message "Be Strong and Walk On!"

    -- Conventions Premiered at: --
    Ani-magic 2004
    Nekocon 7

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