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  • Member: Theory Girl
  • Title: Moguchan the Wonder Plushie
  • Premiered: 2003-12-26
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    • Weird Al Yankovic Harvey The Wonder Hamster
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  • Comments: Even though this is shorter, I feel I worked on it more than my first video.

    The video takes place all in one episode of Mirumo de Pon. Episode 12 to be exact. The story of the episode is as follows:
    Rirumu wanted a pet. Mirumo had a pet, even Yashichi had a pet. But her partner, Yuuki, couldn't have a pet in his apartment so he gave her a little plushie instead. Rirumu tried to just play with it, but it wasn't the same as having a real pet. So she used her magic to bring it to life. It was cute, and she named it Moguchan. It loved to eat, and as it ate, it got bigger and bigger, until it was as big as a skyscraper! Finally, Rirumu had to turn it back into a little plushie, even though it broke her heart. And that's how the story goes.

    Beyond all that, this is just a fun little video, and hopefully only an indicator of things to come.

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