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  • Member: MetalWolf
  • Studio: Metal Wolf Productions
  • Title: I'm Still Here
  • Premiered: 2003-12-25
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    • Vertical Horizon I'm Still Here
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  • Comments: Runner Up to the "Made In Alberta" award at Animethon 11 AMV contest (my "Everybody Hates Me" AMV won it though, weird huh)

    (December 12, 2003)
    Like with every AMV I have ever created it comes with a story behind. Around the time I was ready to make some new AMV material I was going through a creative block. I started work on project I called "Grey Witch" and I ended up trashing it, then I started a project called "Bullet Sky" and I trashed it for the same reason.

    The reason was sort of paranoia on my part for feeling if I put this AMV in any contest it would lose because it didn't have something that had flare.

    Ever since competing in Animethon 10's AMV contest I was obsessed with making an award AMV and doing just that any time I started a new AMV I just didn't have the drive to do it when I was half way there. i guess I started to look at AMV making more of a hassle than fun.

    I guess I lost hope and was thinking of just stopping for awhile. Around the beginning of December I just finished watching a great anime move called "Millennium Actress". The day after I was at work and heard "I'm Still Here" by Vertical Horizon play on the radio. For some reason I got the AMV idea right then and there.
    Once I had the idea in my grasp I had the anime ready and I just went for it. I spent 2 and a half weeks working on the editing of the AMV, taking my time and reviewing the AMV constantly to find things that even bother me just a little bit. I wanted to finish today, today has special meaning to me just like this AMV.
    From the audience view this AMV is about the main character of the anim "Millennium Actress" knowing that no one has used this anime yet in the AMV community I took to mind what Rubyeye told me. He told I believe to make it like a trailer and use as much footage from the anime possible. In turn thats exactly what i did however I feel I put too much but with all the spoils I finished the AMV yesterday (December 24th, 2003) and the AMV is ready for today (December 25th 2003).

    This AMV also has personal ties for me. This AMV means a whole lot to me, I guess through the AMV I reclaimed my drive to make AMVs again, to have fun above all else and to not care as much about outside opinions. Yes they are important but to me if I dont enjoy the AMV first and foremost, how could anyone else. This AMV also marks the 3 year anniversary of Metal Wolf Productions, today is it's birthday.

    The AMV exemplifies everything that I feel right now and is a tribute to the three years I spent in this hobby. For three years I made 61 AMVs (including this one), something that people dont take to kindly of. For 3 years I have been ridiculed but upstarts who come up into the ranks with one or two great AMVs who in everyway try to pass judgment on me saying my AMVs suck and that I should just give up, I will admit my AMVs when I began did suck. However I would like to think that for the past year I have gotten significantly better and not as really as shy with using more things Adobe has to offer than I would have per say 2 years ago. The thing is those people who put me down are no longer around here let alone making AMVs, however "I'm Still Here". "I'm Still Here" trying to learn to get better and better and like always it mostly alone doing it. I can go on but that is pretty much the thick of what this AMV means to me.

    I did take in note that many may have not seen this AMV and this AMV MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS! Well I guess it can however being the one who watched the movie before I seen it I honestly believe there is MUCH more to the anime movie itself than the AMV that I created tells you. I guess I can look at it through two ways 1) This AMV I guess sort of sums up the anime in 4 minutes with the story of the woman going through "time" trying to find "someone" for people who haven't seen it or it can be a good trailer for you to see what its like before you buy it (and you should). 2) I guess is something that stick to me alot, for people who have seen this anime before should understand where I am coming from (hopefully).

    Well enough of this rambling, you want to see the AMV, so go ahead and do so. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it, the AMV begins with sort of a surprise, any of you who has watched my AMVs through the 3 years will know where I may come from with it.
    Without further a do the AMV "I'm Still Here".

    (February 8, 2012)

    I decided I would start with this video in creating updates. I thought I would keep the old one up here above just for giggles. I will probably be the only one who would get a kick off have comments made 9 years apart from each other.

    In the span of 5 years that I made AMVs, if I had to pick a favourite this would be the one, even though I like just about all of them for good or bad.

    I cringe every time I watch my music videos because no I see them for being just straight up arrogant and oh look at me I made this sort of thing but at the time I was 19 I think so I was carefree and I only did those intros because I liked AMVs from a guy named Jesmaster who did similar so I thought it would be cool to do my own. I mean I didn't care about the roadkill shot right at the beginning thinking it may offend somebody that sort of thing but oh well.

    The video is personal to me because, when I made AMVs back then making them was sort therapy for me. I would live through my AMVs in a sad way. I lost two friends (personal issues and such), and things were getting pretty hairy that it wasn't fun making AMVs anymore. Then the idea hit me to do this and i knew I wanted to do something to celebrate 3 years of AMV making. So I did this one, it was probably one of the easier one because I just came off of watching the anime right after hearing this song and it clicked.

    Watching now for the first time in a long time while there are a few touch ups I could do to it (now that I am a more experienced editor), this is probably one of the maybe 10 of my army of AMVs that would be for the most part the same as it was that time. But mistakes made and see what you did wrong is the fun part of doing this sort of stuff. Live and learn. I am proud of this one.

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