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  • Member: SuperSojiro333
  • Title: Raditz Got Big Balls
  • Premiered: 2003-12-23
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    • AC/DC Big Balls
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  • Comments: i made this vid long before i knew this site even existed. it was made on my old computer using windows movie maker and i had very little clue of how to make good vids. i think i made this in summer of 2001 but unfortunately it was lost when my computer received a virus sometime last year. i was devastated to lose all my vids and i thought, who could i have possibly sent it to and the only person i could think of was my cousin Scott (a.k.a dbzrkyyh). i asked him if he still had it and he said no he had deleted it. so i just let it go. then just recently i was talking to him and he said he had found my raditz vid in some strange file on his computer and i asked him to send it to me. sure enough it was it so i decided to upload it here.

    this vid is kinda sketchy quality, but for the file size i'm quite impressed. the vid starts out quite well synced, but i started to run out near the end so it gets a little choppy. well hope u enjoy the vid ^_^. would much appreciate advice back.

    P.S. thanx Scott for not deleting it like u said lol

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