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  • Member: akirahz
  • Title: DauntingLove
  • Premiered: 2003-12-21
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    • Sonata Arctica Full Moon
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  • Comments: Well it all started when my friends were all chatting about there favorite anime movies.. and i mentioned to them "yeah, im rather fond of Vampire Hunter D: Blood Lust" and they all says "whats that about?" and i was in utter shock, these guys were missing out on some good anime! So i thinks to myself, is this anime not that popular? do people wonder about its contents?

    Well in this video im here to give a "taste" of vampire hunter D: Blood Lust, for viewers inerested in buying the dvd/vhs.

    I made this video very emotional, mysterious and confusing because i didnt want any spoilers for people who have NOT seen the movie and i didnt want it to be dull for people who have seen the movie.

    This video is not of the "new age style", it doesnt have 30 scene changes in a 10 second period like some of the flashier fast and upbeat AMVs ive been seeing lately. Its old skool Rythmetic and smooth. some parts might not BING ZAP TANG to every little beat in the song, but it gets the job done through fluidness, feeling, and quality of the vocals.

    The video is 464x256 in resolution, encoded with XviD @ 1500Kbps.

    The song i used was selected carefully, it dawns and confuses the story line, *whos talking about who? whos man? god dammit! I WANT TO KNOW! :)))*

    The song title is "Full Moon" performed by "Sonata Arctica" a progressive metal band, a unique breed, very vigorating at times to listen too.

    well thats about it, enjoy the taste of VPHD:BL *Vampire Hunter D: Blood Lust :)* in my AMV

    peace out.


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