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  • Member: Voices_Of_Ryan
  • Title: Of A Girl - Part 1 - Symphony
  • Premiered: 2003-12-21
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    • Dale North Xeno Mix - Wind
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  • Comments: About 9 months ago I had been searching threw Over clocked remixes...
    And I stumbled upon a song for one of my favorite video games of all time, and being one of curiousity I gave it a listen.

    It was amazing, I remembered the song from the game orignialy but, this mix was just incredible, it was at that moment I knew at sometime I was going to make a music video with this song.

    But 8 months later and... absolutely nothing had come to mind (espicially since normaly, I'm not too much of a fan of classical music myself).

    I went shopping about December 1st (this year 2003 of corse :P) and found an anime called "Voice's from a distant star", since I had wanted to pick it up anyway, I went ahead and bought the movie.

    Got home, watched it, was checking out the extra's when I looked and found "She and Her Cat", my curiousity fumbed abit about whether or not to watch an anime about a cat and a girl (I mean come on : ), but I decided, hell why not I had faith in the creator of "Voice's from a distant star", you bet I did :D.

    So I watched it, it was fantastic, I wanted to make something with it, I really did, but.... The problem I ran into was a doozy.

    The movie is only 8 minutes long with 5 minute's of usable footage all together.

    Then I remembered the song, and the site, and everything came rushing forward like a train.

    So for the next 2 weeks I edited, and Edited, and ran across problems... So here's the list of crazy stuff that happened while editing :D.

    December 2nd,

    Ripping the Dvd proved to be an experience (in stupidness),
    This was my first time ripping such an anime, and I had forgotten since the last night that it was *totally* black and white so I thought it had issue's, Problem solved once I had some coffee.

    Cross fading,
    Had some issue's with it skipping the parts I wanted, Fixed on the 19th.

    Coloring the Cat Photo's,
    I wasn't sure about adding color into her world, but, I decided to go ahead and do it to really show the cat brought light into her life, which slowly faded away.

    One small note before I let ya'll watch the video,

    When the color bar's go across the screen, some of ya'll might wonder why that happens.

    Well (long LLLLLLLLLLLLLLL) I wanted to show at the moment she had lost all the color in her world, and felt depressed and lonely, so if you will take notice, the color bars become progresivly darker as it goes to the right.

    Secound Small note:

    This video is part 1 of a 2 set video collection, if you'll notice in the title, there will be a 2nd, when I don't know, maybe sometime after christmas.

    I hope Ya'll Enjoy the video, I spent alot of time trying to figure out how to use each scene to it's every potential (with 5 minutes of usable footage, you don't have much to work with :o).

    Voice's Of Ryan.

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