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  • Member: BishounenStalker
  • Studio: Tornado Studios
  • Title: Evangelion: Better, Shorter, and Screwed Up
  • Premiered: 2003-12-20
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    • South Park Movie OST La Resistance
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  • Comments: I'd like to point out first that this is not a completely original idea, however cracked it may seem. There are two videos listed in the database using this combination, so I can't very well claim I thought of it first. But as those are not available for download and this one is, it's hard to judge who might've done it more successfully.

    The inspiration came from listening to the South Park Movie OST again while dealing with a particularly nasty case of the flu, then immediately putting on End of Eva. Add to that a 104-degree fever, and you get an idea for an AMV that would NOT leave me alone even after seeing it had been "done" before.

    And so planning began.

    Case #1: The Study of Cast Conversion

    The all-important underlying aspect of any video like this. I wanted a cast that would be twisted, wrong, and completely unexpected, yet somehow fit amazingly well. It began with Terrence and Phillip, and somehow worked its way to Satan. Trying to match relative ages, the first draft went as follows:

    Terrence --> Kensuke
    Phillip --> Toji
    Gregory --> None. Lyric synch
    Kyle --> Shinji
    Stan --> Asuka
    Sheila --> Misato
    Military --> Random Seele troops
    Satan --> Gendo

    I scrapped it. Sure, it was funny, but it didn't have quite the "laugh your ass off or blow an artery in your brain" punch that I wanted. So instead of trying to match up a little too well, I concentrated more on who the most twistedly perfect role for each character would be. This provided the leeway I needed in choosing something to knock people's socks off. I considered the storylines of both films (though I use the term "storyline" rather loosely in South Park's case), and came up with a cast I felt happy with. For the sake of not spoiling the laughs, I won't say it here.

    Case #2: The Study of Scene Selection

    Ah, the other all-important underlying aspect of something such as this. Since Gregory's part was going to be carried through lyric synch rather than lipsynch, choosing scenes to fit each line was crucial. I didn't start running into trouble until the last bit of the song, talking about cutting certain parts of male anatomy in half and serving them to pigs. There wasn't anything literal for that one, so I went with the closest representation I could think of. I would've Photoshopped it, but since I can't afford my own hosting and wanted to keep this as clean as I could for the Donut, that was out of the question.

    In the end, ("it doesn't even maaaaaaaaatter...." NO! Out of my head! For the love of God MAKE IT STOP! DAMN YOU, LINKIN PARK!!!!!)....


    ::Modifies word choice::

    EVENTUALLY, I wound up with something that will either make people laugh at a series like Eva (preferred scenario), or make a good amount of Crazed Eva Fanboys come beating down my door with hockey sticks and crowbars in a murderous raging mob (less-preferred scenario, but one I wouldn't necessarily mind happening, either). Thank God for the anonymity of the internet.

    So kick back, relax, enjoy, and try not to kill me over this trifle of an AMV. Heck, even Hideaki Anno himself has a sense of humor.

    Just look at Shinji naked.

    Technical notes:

    Death and Rebirth DVD
    End of Evangelion DVD
    Adobe Premiere 6
    VirtualDub AVS
    AviSynth 2.0

    The only part I'm not happy with is part of the lipsynching on Kaworu. Unfortunately, he never opened his mouth very wide, so it kind of looks like he's mumbling. This combined with having to use SmartDeinterlace instead of IVTC (because I'm an idiot and didn't IVTC before editing) are to me the only glaring flaws.

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