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  • Member: Oli.C
  • Studio: Oli.C Productions
  • Title: Cosmic Era Renaissance
  • Premiered: 2003-12-19
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    • Metallica Wherever I May Roam (S&M)
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  • Comments: After a week of hard work i finally finished my 4th video. In comparison to my previous videos (not including the unfinished Metallica - One) i think it is a dramatic improvement.

    Mobile Suit Gundam Seed doesn't seem very popular at the moment on and i don't know why (apart from I suppose the fact it is fairly new). In my opinion its considerably better than Gundam Wing for many reasons such as much better looks, music, animation (even incorporated CG), and more importantly better character development. Don't get me wrong I thought Wing was amazing but I honestly feel that Seed is something else.

    *Gundam Wing thoughts...
    Why is it that the characters in Gundam Wing NEVER stop talking to themselves?!?! They are always preeching about the philosophy behind wars?! yes i know sometimes its quite interesting and clever but doesnt it drag on a bit??? And WHY must Heero declare that he will kill people?!?!.... "Relena I'm gonna kill you" or "Quatre I'm gonna kill you" and its in monotone!!
    ......PHEW well thats off my chest!

    Anyway back to the video... I got the idea from a very similar video for Gundam Wing with the original Wherever I May Roam (not the S&M version), which was created by Jesmaster. Its a shame because I haven't found this video on the database. The video wasn't superb in itself but it had a certain charm that would probably be more understood by Gundam Wing fans.

    I created this video using a slighty different but more effective method than with the previous videos. This time i decided to collect as many scenes as possible that I thought would work well, before i started editing. This saved a lot of time and also reminded me of some scenes in the series i had forgotten about.

    I suppose also there are about half a dozen lip sync moments in this video. Mainly to keep things interesting and also to pay tribute to the amazing vocals of James Hetfield. Funny enough most of the time these moments appeared by accident.

    One other thing, the only annoying thing with this video was that i had to compromise the quality to allow it to get below 100mb so it could be uploaded. The quality change isnt very important as its only in some areas where the definition is slightly unclear. Apart fromthat i think the general quality is fine considering the length of the video SO DONT WORRY!!

    Oh yeah! When you watch this video TURN THE VOLUME UP as it is much more powerful when loud, trust me!


    Please leave an opinion, if you do then i will return the favour!

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