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  • Member: Eek-1
  • Title: Let Me Be Your Hero
  • Premiered: 2003-12-19
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    • enrique iglesias hero
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    A Squall x Rinoa AMV, starring the adventurous damsel Rinoa along with her hero, Squall Iglesias =/. Seifer and sorceres Edea are the mafia, and pretend Laguna and his girl as Squall and Rinoa from the other time.

    This video showcases some of the fighting moments during Edea's Parade and Liberi Fatali, a few ballroom scenes, a lot of romance stuff from the ending, and too many angel feathers to count.

    Squaresoft owns Final Fantasy VIII, I'm just a spoony bard who favors heavy romance in videogames.

    [2:18] - Assume that is Squall's eye.

    I had been thinking to do this video since June, but time and fortune were really not on my side with a broken harddrive and dozens of work I had my hands in. So I waited until I bought a new harddrive in November, and then began the making.

    Roughly 10 hours editing, 3 hours of quality check, 20 minutes of "case study" (observing other peoples' FF videos) 10 cigs to get the visuals in mind, and 7.4GB disk space eaten by HuffYUV footage ecetera.

    I must say it was very hard doing the arrangements within the third verse, the second last and the first chorus, mainly because there weren't enough footage that could entirely fit in those parts. But that's the usual challange when dealing with videogame footage. So I did a few seamless blends, and tried to make the progression smooth.

    Surprisingly, it turned out pretty good, despite some gaps and rushed scenes, and a few unintentional synch. The end result was pretty close to what I hoped for, so I was satisfied.

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