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  • Member: rubyeye
  • Studio: Rubyeye Pictures
  • Title: Hunters
  • Premiered: 2001-03-12
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  • Song:
    • Megadeth Dread and The Fugitive Mind
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    Broadcast Premiere: Anime Fun TV - May 12, 2005 __ Episode 12; Season 4

    In spite of Dave Mustaine’s lyrical intentions I envisioned the song as a confrontational dialogue between the characters of “Dread” and “The Fugitive Mind”. It was a great choice for my first video. Compositionally similar to some of MEGADETH’s greater works from RUST IN PEACE, it has both strong lyrics and an instrumental segment so I could experiment with both types of musical styles.

    The story of IRIA fit perfectly where you have two hunters tracking one another. In relation to the song, you don’t know who is “Dread” and who is “The Fugitive Mind”. That conflict is emphasized through the constant scene reversals between Iria and Zeiram.

    This is a really cool standard video for my first attempt. The scenes flow well and the action sequences fit perfectly with the music. I had learned the basics of video editing. Now I have to establish my own visual direction.


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