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  • Member: Voices_Of_Ryan
  • Studio: Controversy Studio
  • Title: "Too Weak To Love"
  • Premiered: 2003-12-16
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    • Midtown Frayed Ends
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  • Comments: So here I am, writing a bio for my first video released under the studio label "Controversy Studio", and yet again it's a midtown song (my secound video from a midtown song), I've been a fan of midtown for a while now, ever since I had heard "More like a movie" I've always been inlove with the lyric's they put out.

    Anyway, I found this song a while back on their secound cd "Save the world lose the girl" and i had always really wanted to do something with the song, it had always stuck out in my mind as something of a depressing song, something to show a depressing persons life.

    I had always pictured doing a video to it, but never really found a good selection of footage to use, something to say, "cool this really works well with *said* footage", Untill I guess it was about october 03' that I got to play Final Fantasy x.

    And from their my imagination had always put the two together, From then on I knew that sometime somehow I was going to make an FFX video to "Frayed Ends", though you might ask why since Final Fantasy x was more of a love story about a boy sports player and a girl, nothing really big, espicially since in FFX-2 they got back togther...

    Welllllllllllll, I sorta lied.

    Instead of following squares story line like so many other videos do, I went a diffrent route, I made my own per-say,
    You see, instead of showing the rather happy-esc ending of ffx-2 I went threw and I tried to show Tidus'... weaker, sadder, more depressed side, the side that hates his father, the side that while he wants to love Yuna, he just can't be strong enough to stay and find out if she loves him.

    This is the side of the story I saw, I really followed Tidus' story myself more as a picture of myself (not that I can save the world with a cool water sword though : P ), because I felt the same way about life that I saw in Tidus'.

    His father left him (Same), he resents alot of things and friends because of the incidents in his life (close), and the girl he loves so dearly just, he cant hold onto her like he wants to, he's too weak to love her.

    So I started work on the video around december the 1st, having a 2 month delay because well frankly, i had to learn all about ripping playstation 2 video formats (I'm also making a guide for said formats, check back to my profile soon).

    After learning and finally putting to use the ps2 format, I ripped all of FFX to my harddrive and started editing immdieitly, Having pretty much what I wanted to do already mapped out pretty well in my head helped tromdendiously,
    Instead of having to wait for the idea's to come in like normal, I have them all bunched up and ready to put on the editing table (or adobe if you will).

    It took about a week of solid work, and 2 weeks of polishing to finish up the video,

    And it's definitly my best video yet, I got everything emotion and every frame right where I had wanted it, although I wish I had, had more footage to work with at the end,

    I think everything comes togther to make you feel Tidus' weaker side, instead of the stronger, smarter side he shows most of the time (coughs* yeah right *coughs).

    At the end of the video it says in quote,

    "Dedicated to Jessica rene Borrego,

    For always keeping me full of hope,

    I love you always & forever,
    Jacob Ryan Van Ausdeln"

    You might wonder why I wrote such a quote at the end of a sad video like this (or you might not : P) well,
    It's because I coulda turned out alot like this, but it's thanks to her that I didn't.

    That's why : P, that... And I'm crazy woooooooooooIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEoooooooooooo ^_^.

    Anyway, Thank you for watching, and i hope you Enjoy, and get the point of the video,
    Jacob "Nemoxs"

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