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  • Member: staces
  • Title: If That's What You Need. . .
  • Premiered: 2003-12-14
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    • Celine Dion If That's What it Takes
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  • Comments: Well I know that there are quite a few TsuzkixHisoka vids out there, but you know what? The world could always use another! It's not like it's a DBZ vid with BM2L, LP, or Gravity of Love all combined (oh wouldn't we all love to see that?)

    Uh. . . Anyway it's to Celine Dion's song (If That's What it Takes) and I think that this is the first time it's been used here (which surprises me). Aaanyway, I've been trying to figure what anime to put to this song and it just came to me like "Duh, Yami no Matsuei!" It fits it perfectly! This basically tells of the way that Hisoka feels for Tsuzuki. And it makes Tsuzuki look uke, which is the way I like it! ^____^

    Well one thing about this vid that I like is the fact that though it probably has numerous flaws, it doesn't have the one that a great majority of YnM vids seem to have: POINTLESS BATTLE SEQUENCES. I mean if they fit the song they're fine, but almost every YnM vid I've seen has all of their little fight seens stuck randomly in it for absolutely no reason. I mean, sure they're pretty but do that actually fit the plot/mood of your vid? (this DOES NOT apply to all, before you get your feathers ruffled).

    Well enough ranting. I like this best of all my vids, I hope you like it somewhat too.

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