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  • Member: Unoriginality
  • Studio: Unoriginal Productions
  • Title: Someday
  • Premiered: 2003-12-14
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  • Song:
    • Nickleback Someday
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  • Comments: Folken's one of those characters that the first couple times I watched the series, I kinda glazed over mentally. His story was interesting, but it didn't really catch my attention. It was actually only after I started roleplaying as him that I truly began to fall in love with this character and his story.

    The more I looked into the story with him and his brother, the more I wanted to do a video for it, being the video whore that I am. Of course, I kinda floundered for a song for a long while, stuck mostly just wishing I could find something. I heard the song Someday on the radio one morning on the way home from classes and it just *clicked*. I remembered that Folken had said at one point later in the show "how'd we miss the signs?"- referring, of course, to how *he* had managed to miss the signs that his brilliant plan to go along with Zaibach in the hopes of creating a better world for his brother to live in maybe wasn't so brilliant. Not only was Dornkirk really not in it for the reasons Folken thought, but everything he was doing, all the sacrifices, only made his brother hate him, and that was a sacrifice he had never wanted to make. What Zaibach was doing was not creating a world that 'a gentle spirit' such as Van could live in peacefully, but destroying everything, including Van's 'gentle spirit'. Van's soul had become one of the casualties, which really was just a bite in the ass for Folken.

    Meh, but I babble. ^_^;; This video, while it made me wanna beat my head against the wall a couple times, was a lot of fun to make. I still think someone needs to whap Folken for not doing *that* much more than standing around like a lump and talking so much. -_- He makes it hard to make a video about him.

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