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  • Member: Majin Steve87
  • Studio: Musicvideo production:The pride of europe
  • Title: Battle of the Titans
  • Premiered: 2003-12-14
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  • Songs:
    • Linkin Park Cure for the Itch
    • Rammstein sonne
    • Street Fighter Theme Ryu's stage
  • Anime:
  • Comments: Hello again!

    This is a vid made a few month ago. I made because I wanted to create something that reminds other people that I'm a german amv creator, so I decided to choose a german song!After thinkin' about what music I could choose I went to majin-planet and saw the category fightclub winners!I thought that there will be great videos with a good timing and so on!Then I noticed that there was a vid with german music! I downloaded it and watched it.As I hear the music I had a big smile one my face because now I got what I wanted, a great german song "Sonne" by "Rammstein"!! The video was made by podge who is a great amv creator, and this vid is something like a tribute to him and to all german amv creators!!
    I spend about 20 hours for the editing of the main vid!! But I wanted to do more!! I decided to make an intro! For the intro i chose the ryu theme of the street fighter game Street Fighter2!!This intro took me about 2 hours because I put a lot of effects in it!
    So after finishing it I noticed that this one wasn't so good!I did a new vid!After a time I met a scottish boy named C_Leckie aka Majin Anarchy!We talked to each other and decided to open a new Musicvideostudio!
    It's called Musicvideo production:The pride of europe!!!
    For that studio I decided that we need an intro or an ending!So I made an ending abou the Bardock special I chose the song Cure for the Itch by Linkin Park!!The ending took me about 3 hours because this one has a lot of special effects!
    So after I had finished the ending I decided to make a new vid wich I'll release soon!!But I saw that this one will take me a lot of time (till yet 10 hours!), then I noticed my old vid with the song "Sonne" and I decided to update it!SoI added a few effects and updated the timing and here it is my new old vid!!!
    Please submit your opinion!
    Thx,have fun and enjoy
    Majin Steve87

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