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  • Member: Jesmaster
  • Studio: Jesmasters Anime Palace
  • Title: Lala Series
  • Premiered: not yet
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    • Lunar Silver Star Story Lala
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  • Comments: Since each is only around 16 seconds long, I decided instead of making several pages dedicated to super short videos I will just make this one page to house them all.

    Ah, these are my infamous lala videos. Remember the cute singing in Lunar Silver Star Story? Well even if you don't I decided to take a 16 second song completey composed of cute La La La's and put them with some of the goriest scenes in all of anime... great idea huh?

    Lala 1-
    Did this a looong time ago, it is mostly scenes from DBZ with one from Eva at the end, definetely the worst of the bunch

    This time I upped the gore with some Kenshin OAVs, Princess Mononoke and some more Eva, still not too great

    OH YEA, at first I didn't know what to do lala3 to but then fate showed up and I found that the moive Wrath of the Ninja was on... and how gory it was! I captured scenes from that and also put in some scenes from Ninja Scroll, Spriggan, Kenshin OAVs, Gundam Wing and DBZ
    This one is very recommended but get your barf bag ready when the video reaches the middle.....

    I rented KITE at blockbuster. After watching the movie the first thing that popped into my head was NEW LALA VIDEO. The movie itself was awsome but gory as hell! It was perfect! Lala 4 is all KITE and also has the best syncing the gore with the music out of all the video so far.

    Lala5- Not yet but it will happen, if you have an idea please tell!

    Each video is only arounf 16 sec long so I say just get em all, these are definetely some of the most disturbing videos you will come across... a Jesmaster garuntee! (Void everywhere but my house)

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