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  • Member: Jesmaster
  • Studio: Jesmasters Anime Palace
  • Title: Kenshin-LifeDenied
  • Premiered: 2001-09-04
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  • Song:
    • Chastisement Life Denied
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  • Comments: Due to the popularity of my first Kenshin video and also becasue I really wanted to do a Kenshin video to this song.. Here is my second Kenshin video, Kenshin-LifeDenied!

    For this video I limited the source to OAVs only, as a result this video kind of turned into a character profile for Kenshin during his time as an assasin. Of course this video is packed with the well-synced action that made my first Kenshin video so loveable and hugable. The video is not too long, under a two minutes actually so it won't take up too much of your watching time. The song is by the same band as my first Kenshin video was, to Chastisement the hard heavy death metal we all love. I suggest you read the lyrics to this song before watching the video because unlike my first Kenshin video I actually follow the lyrics to some extent. My favorite part about this video though is the ending. This has to be one of my favorite music video endings to any music video I've ever seen, sure I'm biased but what can I say.. I like it! Well thats about all that has to be said about this video, I'm looking foward to your comments!

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