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  • Member: staces
  • Title: Unwelcome Obsession
  • Premiered: 2003-12-10
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    • Alanis Morissette Uninvited
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  • Comments: I am really no big fan of Fujimi Orchestra (I don't see the fascination with rape in the YAOI fandom actually) but one must admit that this anime and this song really do go well togehter. . . Also it's because I like making AMVs, albeit mine are really not that great, and this is one of the few movies that I have that has no subtitles. I have whole series that don't have them but whenever I try to use clips from multiple sources my comp goes berserk. =(

    Anyway I think that this vid is okay. The ending is a little dumb but so is the anime. . . I am NEVER using a song that SLOW again! >_< I've tried slow ones and fast ones, and I've decided that I am a happy medium kinda girl.

    Please review and I hope that you enjoy it! Thanks!

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