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  • Member: staces
  • Title: The Solace of Gravitation
  • Premiered: 2003-12-09
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    • Fuel Solace
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  • Comments: Well hey absolute favorite song + absolute favorite anime = ?. . . . AMV! Solace isn't one of Fuel's more popular songs (I don't think that I've ever heard it on the radio) but I think that it fits Yuki to a T! I'm awfully pleased with my lyric synch in this vid, but my timing is off most of the instrumental parts I think. Also one or two transitions were a little choppy but I don't think they're too bad. All of the clips fit really well, except in the part where I used Yuki drinking tea and beer to represent pills. ^_^;; All in all I'm not entirely pleased with this but it's the most effort I've ever put into a vid. I think that this is both the first and last time that I'll ever do a song that is THAT fast! 0_0 I have a newfound admiration for anyone who makes AMVs to fast music. You are Gods *bows humbly*.

    Solace: Fuel

    Just pull the shades and close my eyes
    Never want to see again
    I found the cost of courage high
    Sometimes hard to pay
    I hear the song the sirens sing
    Calling on the shore for me
    So sell your sould and try to fly
    The tether still remains
    And all the finer things they
    Laid upon my table
    Smiled as their hooks were slowly
    Sinking in
    Another pill I'm to consume
    To make me learn to feel again
    Is followed by another one
    To make me loose the same
    But God if I could recognise
    The things to make me whole again
    And draw this air into my lungs
    Remember how to breathe
    For as the curtain rose I
    Danced as I was able
    Felt my deception slowly
    Sinking In
    And so I turn to you my love
    For the solace that is there
    And offer any cherished thing
    For a slight repreive
    I hoped that you might find me here
    And I could learn to smile again
    And as a balm for these wounds
    Take away the sting
    And as the band did play your
    Body I did cradle
    I should have known this song would
    Have to end

    Also, just as a note, I am a firm believer that Yuki loved Kitazawa and was still in love with him throughout half of the series. This is why he can't A, fully love Shuichi and B, stop from feeling so guilty. So Kitazawa's purpose in this vid isn't just as the villain but I tried to show him as more of a failed relationship. It's just my opinion though.

    Please review and I hope that you enjoy it.

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