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  • Member: Nicq
  • Title: Welcome Home Shinta
  • Premiered: 2003-12-09
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    • Spiritfall My Reason
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  • Comments: One word: BIG. Think big, now thing BIGGER. This is a five and a half minute vid using the song My Reason by Spiritfall. From the beginning to end, this one was a pain in the rear to make, but it turned out great.
    In the last 3 days of making this video, I spent 16 hours on it. I had originally used footage that I had ripped a long time ago, and I compressed it with a bad compressor. So I re-ripped, recompressed with a new compressor, then replaced every scene of Trust/Betrayal in the video. (about half the video). I also ran into the problem of space. My hard drive is getting full which is a problem because my D drive died a while back so I'm very short on space. I had to rip, compress, delete vobs, rip, compress, delete vobs... then I find I needed something from the first part, so I rerip, compress, and delete that. All in all, Half of the entire time making this vid was ripping and compressing. This took a LONG TIME.

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