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  • Member: Tyler_yj
  • Studio: Fantasy Movies
  • Title: Tier
  • Premiered: 2003-12-07
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    • Rammstein Tier
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  • Comments: 1st "best action" video to Conneko 2004

    This amv focus on Macross Plus, I have use video footage of Wolf's Rain just to show the relation between the man and the beast...

    TIER (Beast, animal)

    Das tier im menschen (The Beast in man)

    Was macht die Frau
    Was macht die Frau
    Die zwischen Tier und Mann
    Nicht unterscheiden kann
    Sie taucht die Feder in sein Blut
    Schreibt sich selber einen Brief
    Entseelte Zeilen an die Kindheit
    Als der Vater bei ihr schlief
    Was - tust du
    Was - fühlst du
    Was - bist du
    Doch nur ein Tier

    What is woman
    What is woman
    In between beast and man?
    Can 't separate the man

    She dips the feather in his blood
    Writes herself so many lines
    A lifeless letter from her childhood
    As her father slept by her side

    What do you
    Feel in you?
    What are you?
    You are a beast!

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